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The Body Evolution was founded specifically for people of all walks of life. Whether you are striving to burn fat and lose weight, build muscle and become lean and cut, increase energy and strength, enhance metabolism or just be healthy, our products were designed to cater to all of the above needs.

25 workout supplements named in FDA warnings — manufacturers told to stop selling

This week, the FDA announced a ban on any Pre-Workouts products containing DMBA, and BMPEA, Beta-methylphenethylamine, sometimes labeled as Acacia rigidula, saying the substances do not meet the definition of a dietary ingredient and any product containing them should be pulled and reformulated.

We have been posting and stating for years the horrific side effects of these ingredients for years.

Today over 25 National Branded products have been disgraced and banned.

Our product contains the most natural and safe ingredients available today and still works better than any other pre-workout on the market

But BOOM is shining and still considered the best, because we created the best. So, spread the word and take advantage of this great opportunity! BOOM is one of the few pre-workouts left that you will still be able to buy! We are very proud and excited about this!!

Checkout the link with the announcement.

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